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Our Financing Model

For our retreat center, the Cinco Lunas, we as the non-profit organization Visiones Asociación are launching the next round of financing and investment in order to be able to realize the project.

Our financing model consists of 4 financing options:

    • Support of the project via our crowdfunding campaign
    • Sponsorship through financing of materials & equipment (dome metal structure for the ceremony dome, dome canvas cover, yoga mats, meditation cushions, blankets, etc.)
    • Investors (from an amount of € 1,000 – with value compensation in the form of participation or discounted participation in retreats and events held by us in Cinco Lunas, as well as free accommodation in the Cinco Lunas guesthouse)
    • Private lenders who would like to support the Cinco Lunas project with an interest-free loan

In addition to our crowdfunding, which we started in December, we are now presenting the possibility of joining our project as an investor (with value compensation) or as a sponsor and cooperation partner. The respective compensation will be discussed individually.
We are also happy to welcome private lenders who would like to support the project with an interest-free loan.
We are also open to further financing suggestions.

A total budget of around € 15,000 to € 18,000 is required

The budget is planned for the following expenses:

    • Renting deposit for Cinco Lunas and additional bail
    • Ceremony dome (metal structure, canvas dome cover & possibly floor
    • Yoga terrace (sun roof & possibly wooden terrace floor)
    • Equipment for seminars and retreats, such as yoga mats & yoga utensils, ceremony mats, meditation cushions, blankets, etc.
    • 5 mattresses and 2 single beds including mattresses
    • Lighting, duvets & pillows, as well as various smaller purchases
    • Construction materials
    • Placing advertisements
    • Caring for the volunteers while preparing the place before the opening

Active support on site:

In order to prepare the place before our opening in March, we have a place available for a volunteer who would like to actively support Cinco Lunas on site in the preparation phase in February and possibly beyond.
We are looking for a conscious, self-responsible person who has the commitment to their own inner work and who actually does it. 😉

Also important are manual skills and physical fitness, as well as the joy of helping out where support is needed.
In addition to preparation and cleaning work, gardening and maintenance work, as well as caretaker work on the site. Before the opening in March, a wooden wall also needs to be moved and things need to be set up, put away and rearranged. Before the main season in April or May the ground for the ceremony dome needs to be prepared and when the dome is ready, the metal structure needs to be erected with combined forces and covered with the canvas cover. A wooden platform may be built for the yoga terrace, as well as maybe a floor for the ceremony dome and a composting toilet. Accordingly, knowledge of woodworking would be an advantage.

Feel free to contact us via email and tell us something about yourself if you feel called.

Become part of this Vision…

If you feel called as a supporter, sponsor, investor, lender or volunteer to help realize the vision of our center for transformation, holistic healing, mindfulness and inner work, we look forward to hearing from you and discussing it in more detail.

Crowdfunding Campaign

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Sponsorship - Investment - Private Loan

If you would like to support us through sponsorship, investment or a private loan please send us an email to

Support on Site

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About the Cinco Lunas Project

With the project Cinco Lunas Retreat Oasis & Vegan Conscious Guesthouse we want to create a safe and mindful space where inner work can be done and transformation can take place. A place where people can come together to process and dance, to laugh and cry, to feel their pain and transform it with joy.
A place where wisdom keepers of ancient traditions come together and share their gifts for the world. A place of creativity where new visions see the light of day and want to be carried in all directions.
A place of mindfulness where our guests can connect with nature and themselves. A vegan, alcohol-free and drug-free place where like-minded people meet.
Our goal is to open a field of presence, growth and togetherness at Cinco Lunas.

More detailed information and images can be found throughout the website…

Ceremony Dome - example picture  (in preparation)

Ceremony Dome - example picture (in preparation)

Yoga Terrace (in preparation)

Yoga Terrace (in preparation)

We are very grateful for every support!


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